The Chilterns

Lacey Green

We keep our bees in various locations throughout the Chiltern hills. We’re based, and started RB Honey, in Lacey Green.

As a designated area of outstanding natural beauty, our bees benefit from un-spoilt countryside and clean air.

Offering Britain’s most extensive areas of beech woodland and some of our richest chalk grasslands, the Chilterns are home to an exceptional diversity of flowers, including rare orchids and unique plants found nowhere else.

The Chilterns are one of the most heavily wooded parts of England, with 21% of the land covered in forest. Much of this is ancient semi-natural woodland of beech, ash and yew. Orchids can often be found in certain low light areas, such as beneath heavy forest canopies. These include white helleborine, broad-leaved helleborine and bird’s-nest orchid.

Where more light comes through, a lush carpet of dog’s mercury, enchanter’s nightshade, wood sorrel, bluebells, wood anemone and woodruff occur in the dappled shade. These woods are also a major stronghold of the very rare coralroot, a relative of cuckooflower with large pale lavender flowers, and include sites for the stunning red helleborine orchid, known only from here and two other places in Britain.

Source: Plantlife

To find out more about the huge diversity in wildlife that the Chilterns offers, visit this dedicated National Trust page. Learn more about the Chilterns AONB here.

Photos © 2019 Barry Chignell