2019 will be an exciting year for RB Honey!

Well, 2019 is upon us! It only seems like yesterday that we unloaded our first couple of hives and, over the next few months, got stung many MANY times!

This year we’re making a huge push to increase our yield and, hopefully and get to a place where we can harvest enough honey to meet immediate (and the backlog of) demand.

This will also mean that we’ll have enough honey left over to experiment with and supply to the numerous local outlets and local food producers that have expressed an interest in the past.

RB Honey label

Our new label to reflect the evolution of the brand and better represent what ur product stands for

With a number of new hives, bees on order and a great second site we hope to really capitalist on our successes to date, continue to learn about this amazing process and avoid getting sung quite as much. In my case, at least, it’s highly unlikely that I’ll go a full season without a bee flying up my nose (it’s happened before!) or sting me through my gloves!

We’ll also be launching an exciting new venture which will allow local individuals and businesses to become part of beekeeping, help maintain bee populations locally and share in our world! This will be mentioned in an article we’ve written for the local magazine as well as online.

Please keep an eye on Instagram and here for further news!


Barry (the  ‘B’ in ‘RB’)