Single Hive Honey From the Chilterns

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100% Natural Small Batch Honey

We believe (and are committed to proving) that some of the finest honey on the planet is from the Chiltern hills.

RB Honey
We take immense pride and dedicate time to care for our bees. Not only ensuring that we can harvest the best tasting honey from happy bees, but also that the local bee population continues to thrive. All of our 100% natural honey is produced in the Chiltern hills.

Nothing is added, nothing is taken away.

We don’t even mix honey from our own hives together.

Instead, extra effort and time is invested to make sure that the honey in each jar is all from the same hive.  Further enhancing its ‘terroir‘ and reflecting the beautiful Chilterns location and all its environmental uniqueness.

We even hand write the jar number and which hive your honey was harvested from on the label. This way you can see the exact hive and colony of bees that your honey was produced by!

We’ve been told that our honey “tastes like the Chilterns“. You can identify and connect its aromas with those of the wonderful area in which our bees live, and collect pollen for their honey production.

RB Honey

Our honey’s only influence is nature, its colour and consistency will differ throughout the year, dependent upon the available nectar. Unlike mass over-produced ‘honey’, which will remain the same colour, flavour and consistency.

Pure honey, straight from the hive, carries with it the aromas and characteristics of the colony location, time of year and many other variations a natural process, such as honey production, should naturally contain.

Most mass produced honey is pasteurised and over filtered.

This is a process which involves heating the honey to a high temperature in order to kill any yeast and to prevent the honey from crystalising, making the product more attractive to consumers.

The problem with this process is that it also destroys most of the enzymes, some of the beneficial vitamins and removes important pollen from the honey.

Pasteurising also destroys most of the natural aromas and flavours of the honey in order to make it consistent in both colour and taste.

We are very careful not to over filter our honey, so it’s all done by hand (to be precise our hands, no one else’s!).

RB honey is available in limited quantities, which we release in a few small batches each year.

Get in touch, when it’s ready, we’ll let you know. Be quick, it sells out VERY quickly!

“There’s honey and then there’s your honey. Beautiful taste and fantastic aromas, loved it. Already pre-booked the next new batch”




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