First harvest of 2018!

We had our first harvest of the year this week. Although stocks were low (for various reasons out of our control) we’re very happy with both the honey and our new branding!

This batch is thicker and lighter than that harvested later in the year in 2017. This is due to the differing types of nectar being collected through the seasons…

All systems GO!

So it would seem that the snow and ice have finally given way to some wonderful sunshine. Spring is truly here and the bees are LOVING it!

An abundance of flowers and other bee grub means that the stocks are already starting to fill the supers nicely!

We’ve split one of our hives to avoid swarming as it was bulging at the seams. We hope to increase our capacity further throughout the year too.



Concern is setting in

We’re starting to get concerned about this cold weather that we’re having in the UK this year. Hoping it doesn’t stay this way for much longer!

We’ve done our best to make sure the hives are insulated and the bees have plenty to eat.


Here’s hoping for their wellbeing!!