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We’re excited to be able to offer Chilterns residents and businesses a chance to sponsor a beehive, and be actively involved in local beekeeping. By sponsoring a beehive you not only get to be part of this amazing tradition but also help to increase the local bee population which, in turn, pollinate our lovely countryside, not to mention the crops that feed us!

You can either sponsor the entire amount yourself, or share the cost and benefits with a friend or family member!

If you’re passionate about wildlife, concerned about the environment and really want to make a difference to ensure the existence of nature in the Chilterns and beyond for future generations, you might consider sponsoring beehives.

Your sponsorship will go toward setting up and maintaining bee colonies in areas throughout the Chiltern Hills.

The Chilterns are an amazing area of natural woodland, traditional farmland and even orchid covered dells. In order for us to preserve these amazing landscapes and for them to flourish, we need the help of bees (as well as other insects). By encouraging more people to get involved in beekeeping, but without the time burdens associated with it, we believe that together we can make a difference to our small part of the world.

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In the time that we’ve been beekeeping, we’ve met some amazing people from all areas of the Chilterns community. Food producers, journalists, conservation campaigners to name but a few.

We hope to continue this trend with the ‘RB & Me’ program. Bringing like-minded individuals and local business together with a common goal, to see the Chilterns, and everything in it, thrive!

Bees are dying out across the globe. Although there are efforts to reverse this decline (France have recently banned all harmful pesticides) we all need to do our bit to help keep these amazing and vital creatures alive and well!

‘What’s in it for me?’ we hear you ask!

For a pledge of £450 you’ll get all of the following amazing benefits:

  • Sponsorship of a complete and fully functioning hive, including bees!*

  • Your Name on the hive

  • 2 free 250g jars of honey from your hive (if no surplus honey produced you will receive honey from a different hive)

  • An exclusive and highly sought after RB honey mug!

  • We do all the work to introduce, maintain, keep the bees happy and harvest the honey

  • 20% discount on all ‘hyperlocal’, single-hive honey 

  • Your name (or business name) will be included on jars of honey produced from your hives

  • A special mention on our website as a sponsor

  • Regular digital photos of your hive’s and honey (which you’re welcome to use on your social accounts)

  • A tour of the hive(s) 

  • Regular inclusion on our Instagram feed (1600+ relevant and engaged followers and growing) and Twitter account (238 followers and growing)

  • That warm feeling that you’re doing something wonderful to help our environment and these fantastic little beasts!

Remember that you can always share the cost and benefits with a friend or family member!

Why does the bee population need our help?


The main reasons for global bee decline are industrial agriculture, parasites/pathogens and climate change. The loss of biodiversity, destruction of habitat and bee-killing pesticides are a particular threat for honeybees.

It’s becoming increasingly evident that some insecticides, used in our agriculture systems,

have had hugely negative effects on the health of bees – both individually and at the colony level. Even, sub-lethal, low-dose effects of insecticides on bees are various and diverse.

*Bees subject to seasonal availability

Full terms and conditions available here.